Building Peace and greater connection in our fraternity

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“Secular Franciscans live the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in fraternal communion.
We have a specific way of being in the world, and a specific way of being together.
This fraternal communion is a constitutive element of our vocation."

For  Advent, I invite us all to  consider reaching our via phone, email, card or letter to one of our folks currently in formation – or whoever is not able to otherwise interact much with the fraternity for whatever reason.

Please see Excel spreadsheet sent separately by email for contact info. Those in formation are listed at the bottom.

There is 1 person in our Affiliate Formation 

5 People who are inquirers, discerning whether to move on to candidacy

5 People who are candidates, discerning whether to move on to profession

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May the fraternal bonds of community always be our help, so that we may reach the goal of perfect Christian love.” From the Secular Franciscan Rite of Profession to the Gospel Life

It is impossible to fully understand what it means to be a Catholic in North America without a sincere appreciation for the Catholic tradition among so many native tribes. Few people realize that Indigenous communities throughout the continent were practicing their faith centuries before the founding of the United States.

Enduring Faith: The Story of Native American Catholics explores the rich legacy of faith among Native Americans. Discover how in the 16th century, Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to an Indigenous elder as a mestiza woman and generated the largest conversion in world history. Hear the inspiring story of the first canonized Native American saint, St. Kateri Tekakwitha. Learn about a 20th century Lakota healer, Nicholas Black Elk, whose cause for canonization is currently open in Rome.

This film will inspire in viewers a deeper appreciation for the spiritual and cultural gifts of Native American Catholics, a greater awareness of the wrongs inflicted upon them by the unjust policies of the British and American governments, and a sense of hope at how Native American Catholics continue to live out their faith in fully enculturated ways today. Above all, it offers a missing piece to the greater story of Catholicism in America and a beautiful example of how Christ reveals himself through the uniqueness of every culture.


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