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Here is the latest JPIC blog, presented by our Justice Peace and the Integrity of Creation Animator, Cindy McCollum:


Cindy McCollum is the JPIC councilor for Blessed Franz Jägerstätter Fraternity in Flagstaff, AZ. Cindy is writing this blog as a way to communicate with the Fraternity instead of newsletters and emails. You may access the latest blog entry by clicking the link above. If you scroll down, you will also be able to see past blog entries. Enjoy! Be inspired! 

“JPIC is our “presence in the world” and is at the heart of our Rule.

“We need to refrain from saying JPIC is something ‘out there’.  

JPIC is not an extra thing that we do – JPIC is part of every single thing we do.”  - Carolyn Townes, OFS - National Minister for JPIC (2015)


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