Spirit of the Living God


Fall afresh on me!


Spirit of the Living God

Fall afresh on me!


Melt me,

     mold me,

          fill me,

               use me.


Spirit of the living God

Fall afresh on me… on all…


(Click for YouTube musical rendition by VBS 2014 at Reality Ventura)

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“We are companions on the journey,

Breaking bread and sharing life

And in the love we bear

Is the hope we share

For we believe in the love of our God

We believe in the love of our God…

We have been gifted with each other,

And we are called by the word of the Lord;

To act with justice, to love tenderly,

And to walk humbly with our God

To walk humbly with our God….”

- Carey Landry © 1985 Carey Landry and North American Liturgy Resources

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We, a fraternity in the Secular Franciscan Order, stand in solidarity with all those crying out for justice in the wrongful deaths of George Floyd and all of our other brothers and sisters who have lost their lives at the hands of those who have abused their power and authority. 

We seek to encounter the living and active person of Christ in each and every one of our brothers and sisters (Art. 5, The Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order). We are inspired by our patron, Blessed Franz Jägerstätter, who, rooted in his Catholic Faith, unequivocally opposed violence and unjust systems of oppression. 

Like St. Francis of Assisi, we humbly pledge to do what is ours to do in order to rebuild this broken community - that it may become one of peace and equality.